Summary of Online Projects andCD-ROM

Internet e-Learning Projects         

Ĝ      2005        Developed a vFAQ system ( video Frequently Asked Question) which
                       works within all Learning Systems.

Ø      2005         Brought in and integrated within our Learning System, the LAMS
                       (Learning Activity Management System)

Ø      2004         Interactive Game on the teaching of Japanese

Ĝ      2003         Interactive Flash on Green Project for all staff in the poly

Ĝ      2003         Rail Training for SBS North East Line

Ĝ      2002          Interactive Flash Tutorial: Blackboard Basics

Ĝ      2002          Interactive Flash Tutorial: Intro to Centra

Ĝ      2002          Virtual Lab Experiment ( Interactive Flash Experiments)

Ĝ      2001          Life Science Project ( 30 one hour online lessons)

Ĝ      2000          Crest: Learning-to-Learn

Ĝ      1998          Zebu: Curriculum Modules for teachers in North America

Ĝ      1997          On-Line Banking Conversion Modules

Ĝ      1996          Adventure Everest On-line

I.                   CD-ROM Projects

Ĝ      1997          Canadian Treasures: Historical journey across Canada

Ĝ      1997          Totems: Myths, Masks of NorthWest Coast Aboriginals