International Presentations/Papers

eLearning Presentations

2008          3rd International LAMS & Learning Design Conference, Sydney,  Australia 2008
Keynote: Learning Design: Building the Field of Dreams—Challenges, Opportunities, Prognostications

2007          The 2nd International LAMS Conference, Sydney, Australia 2007
LAMS and the 4Ps: Pedagogy, Performance, Promise and Pragmatics

2006          Blackboard Asia Pacific Users Conference, Brisbane,  Australia
Virtual Presentation with Professor James Dalziel on Rapid Content Development using LAMS.

2006         Singapore Blackboard Day 2006: Realising the Full Potential of eLearning
Developing Interactive Blended Learning Lessons using Bb and LAMS

2005         E_Learning: Towards Lifelong Learning, International Symposium on E-Learning ( ISEL) 2005,

                 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
                  Paper and Presentation on 'Effective Online Learning: Where are We?'

2005         SE Asia Blackboard Day: Extending Possibilities, National Institute for Education,
                 Presentation on 'Using a Content Management System to Promote Active Learning'

2005         From Good to Great, NTU Conference,
                  Paper and Presentation on 'Effective Online Learning: Framing the Debate'

2004         Global Conference on Excellence in Teaching and Learning,
                  Paper and Presentation on 'Effective Online Presentation'

2004         Blackboard Asia Pacific Users Conference, Brisbane, Australia

                 Paper and Presentation on 'Morphing Effective Online F2F practices to the Online Environment'

2002          Itopia 2002, Ministry of Education,
                  Paper and Presentation on 'Interactivity and Interaction
                  in an Online Learning Environment'

2002          Blackboard Users Conference: Phoenix, Arizona
                  'From Theory to Practice in an Online Learning  Environment'

eLearning Papers

2002          Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, National University of  Singapore ,  May 2002, Vol. 5                    No 3:  e-Learning at Singapore  Polytechnic: From Concept to Reality.

2003          Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, National   University of  Singapore, Jan 2003, Vol. 6 No  1:                   Constructivism and IT- related Strategies: Setting the Scene.

2003          Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, National   University of Singapore, In Press: Online Group                   Learning: Setting the Stage.