Senior Deputy Director

I. Nanyang Technological University, 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore

      Faculty Development:

  1. Oversee the planning, organizing and conducting of workshops, information sharing, lunch&learn and clinical sessions on the use of IT in Education for NTU academic and IT Support staff under a programme called: edUtorium
  2. Supervise and manage the development, in collaboration with the National Institute of Education (NIE), of our Certificate in Teaching for Higher Education Parts I and II. These are two 50 hour courses designed to provide NTU faculty with an introduction to the basics with respect to the teaching and learning process, as well as the use of IT for Teaching and Learning. Includes having taught 2 runs of  Part 1 and sections of Part II.  
  3. Supervise  and conduct workshops and seminars for local and regional institutions of higher learning through (i) our Blackboard Certified Education Center @ NTU - a collaboration project between Blackboard and NTU; and (ii) our  LAMS International Training Center – a recently announced joint collaboration between NTU and LAMS International .
  4. Provide educational leadership in the form of personal school visits, workshop presentations and advice with respect to blended learning at NTU as and when required.

      Instructional Design & Instructional Technology

  1. Provide instructional design services to academic staff for:
    • converting traditional courses to web-based courses (blended)
    • enhancing existing web-based courses (blended).
  2. The service includes analysis of problems, troubleshoot, identify alternative solutions, and provide recommendations in leveraging web technology for use in instruction.
  3. Source for and evaluate appropriate e-learning tools / software applications to be used in the campus.

      Distance Education Programme

  1. Manage the Programme Development from Committee to Online,
  2. Coordinate the Hiring of Staff and Assign and Manage Project Managers /IDs,
  3. Create and Manage the ID process,
  4. Liaise with all parties to ensure consistency, quality and performance with respect to course content, development and delivery,
  5. Establish and manage online facilitation skill programmes for all DE staff,
  6. Manage the set-up of the Support Center,
  7. Create and manage the online support systems.

      Other Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the advancement within NTU Colleges and Schools of our Blended Learning model,
  2. Manage Clickers (Student Response System) rollout of Wave I at NTU,
  3. Manage/Create Active Learning initiatives at NTU,
  4. Chair our Annual From Good to Great faculty development series,
  5. Chair eLF2008 (eLearning Forum 2008),
  6. Chair of the eAgenda International Roundtable 2005,
  7. Organising committee member for SCE CyberWorld in Nov 2005,
  8. Designed and managed the development of our uRecord (equivalent of uTube) short video-clip recording system.